This month marks the first anniversary of retirement from the teaching profession for me. I spent last summer as musical director for our local musical theater’s production, the fall resting, sleeping, and reading, the winter celebrating holidays with family and traveling to Arizona with Tony and New York City with our daughter, Meredith, and this spring working in the garden and yard, directing another musical, traveling back to San Antonio for Fiesta with son and granddaughter, and to Greensboro for Corbin’s baptism. A busy year…oh, yes. And Tony and I have more travels planned, both for the website and with family. Going to the beach  with family is becoming a summer tradition. I have been reading as many New Mexico authors as possible and am sharing those on our new page. And sometime this summer, Rob, Kelly and I are recording a few songs that hopefully add flavor to our website. Summer in New Mexico…will share with you.