Clouds, Corbin and a Cemetary

Clouds: Our good friend and artist, Tom, claims that the clouds of New Mexico are the best. In fact, he has quite the collection of cloud photos and from those creates exquisite paintings. I 10 to Las Cruces is one of many drives in NM where those clouds float in front of you begging you to experience the land of enchantment.

Corbin: Our grandson’s favorite color is blue. I can understand that. Just look at the vibrant blue skies in NM, untouched by pollution. And be sure to enjoy our sunsets of pinks, blues, and sometimes oranges. I hesitate to use the color turquoise when referring to our skies as many of our authors do. I rather like the old Crayola color, sky blue. Can’t help but think the employee who pinned that name must have visited our land of sunshine and blue skies.

Cemetary: Cemetaries are a silent, visible record of history. We discovered a unique cemetery on our way to Shakespeare and were lucky enough to talk to a gentleman who briefed us on its history. The iron pipe crosses replaced old wooden crosses that had decayed beyond repair and in many cases beyond recognition. The folks of Lordsburg wanted to honor all residents of the cemetery, even the unknown - histories forgotten but honored.