Welcome to the Land of Enchantment                  

Yes, New Mexico is a state of the union! You do not need a passport to visit us and you will not be stopped at the border of Texas, Arizona, or Colorado! We became a state in 1912, but the first Spanish settlement in NM was founded in 1598. The first NM vineyards were planted in 1629, the highest golf course in the northern hemisphere was built in NM in 1899 (twelve years after the first golf course was built in the US), and the birth of US rocketry began in our state. Indian tribes have and continue to contribute to our rich history and even suspected alien visitors have brought attention to our state. 

       “Too often I would hear men boast of the miles covered that day,                                             rarely of what they had seen.”  Louis L’Amour 

Come visit our sunshine state and explore one or several of the trails of New Mexico. Take the time to “see” the land of enchantment. We will personally travel the trails we post. And as long as we can view the marvelous blue skies and experience the glorious sunsets in NM, we will continue to explore the land of enchantment and share our findings.

New Mexico Hymn


"New Mexico Hymn" was written for the state’s centennial celebration in 2012. We hope you enjoy. Music and Lyrics by JD Droddy; arrangement  by JD Droddy, Don Thorp, and Lynette Wedig; performance by White Sands Men’s Chorus, Don Thorp, Conductor (2012); copyright 1985, 2009 JD Droddy.

Drive and Listen:  Audio recording of the Home Page 


COMING SOON….All trails will be available as PDF and audio files and a contribution of $.99 per file would be graciously accepted.  

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